Godhead: Fantasy/Humor

Length: Flash (<1000 words)

Blurb: When a bitter adventurer reaches the end of her journey to usurp an unjust god, she finds the deity altogether too happy to pass on the role – he’s due for retirement, after all.


Sheyla’s mind spun as she stared at the tremendous drop to her side, thin, wispy clouds hanging in the sky below her, a wheel of vultures descending towards the temple below.

“Don’t worry boys,” she mumbled. “There’s enough for everyone down there…”


I need your help on this one! I’m afraid humor (at least the written form) is a new attempt for me, and this piece is a particular challenge. I’m planning for most of the humor to come from the drastic difference between what the protagonist is expecting (an epic battle with a powerful deity) and what she actually finds (a burned out old god whose recent failures have been more the product of old age and senility than anything else).

What do you think? An idea with potential, or no?
What antics might hearing loss, arthritis, etc. cause in a god? (think Olympian)
Where would you retire as a deity?